10 Best & Beautiful Makhanchor Sri Krishna hd wallpapers/photos free download - 2020

Do you want to set best hd wallpaper or photos of Makhanchor Sri Krishna on your smartphone and desktop. If yes, here you can see 10 best and beautiful hd wallpapers/ images of Makhanchor Sri Krishna. You can also share these beautiful photos to your friends and family. (free download)

Lord Krishna is one of the most lovable god. He is the eighth avtar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna is the eternal rular of our hearts. As a infant he used to steal makhan (butter) with his friends from the neighbourhood. Lord Krishna used to quietly enter the neighbour's houses and take pots full of churned butter. Lord Krishna is also known as Makhan Chor. He has many more names which are generally used are Gopala, Hari, Govinda, Murari. Lord Krishna symbolize mankind's inclination to embody all that is divine. He is consisdered as naughty, a graceful dancer and an invincible lover.
1. Makhanchor Sri Krishna (hd wallpaper) 

2. Makhanchor Sri Krishna (hd background desktop wallpaper)

3. Cute Makhanchor Sri Bal Krishna

4. Makhanchor Sri Krishna with his elder brother Balrama

5. Makhanchor Sri Krishna (Janmashtami)

6. Makhanchor Sri Krishna caught by his mother Yasodha when he was stealing makhan

7. Makhanchor Lord Krishna with his mata Yasodha

8. Lord Bal Krishna

9. Makhanchor Bal Sri Krishna with his gowal-bal (friends)
10. Cute Makhanchor Sri Krishna is eating makhan (butter)