10 Best Lord Shiva HD Wallpapers/photos free donwnload on mobile, desktop, tab and iPhone 2020

If you are looking best and latest hd wallpaper of Lord Shiva (Lord Mahadev) for your mobile and desktop, here you can see 10 best hd wallpapers of Lord Shiva. (free download)

Lord Shiva is one of the three supreme gods. He is the most powerful god and also known as "The Destroyer" as he destroys the evil. Lord Shiva can destroy darkness, abolish evil, and grant knowledge. There is a overflow of folklore and stories surrounding Lord Shiva. He is the supreme god who creates, protects and transform the universe. He is also one of the five equivalent supreme being in Panchayatana Puja in Hindu tradition. Lord Shiva has many caring and impressive depictions. Lord Shiva is observed as a patron god of yoga, meditation, and art. In his angry  appearance, he is often depicted destroying demons.
1. Lord Shiva (hd background wallpaper)

2. Lord Shiva (blessing us)

3. Lord Shiva (with his family)

4. Lord Shiva with Nandi

5. Lord Shiva with his wife

6. Lord Shiva (background desktop wallpaper)

7. Lord Shiva with twelve Jyotirlinga

8. Lord Shiva (Har Har Mahadev)

9. Lord Shiva bishpan karte huye

10. Lord Shiva (Animated)