10 Cute Bal Roop of Lord Krishna Hd Wallpapers free download 2020

If you are looking for best bal roop of Krishna hd wallpapers for your mobile and desktop, you are at the right place, here you can see 10 best and cute bal roop of Lord Krishna hd wallpapers.

 Lord Krishna was considered as the most loveable God and deity in Hinduism. He was the eighth avatar of  Lord Vishnu. He had an artful and playful nature. He is characterise as a majestic boy playing flute, naughty, a delicate dancer and an unconquerable lover. His story is narrated in every house in India. The kids love him and the adults adore him. As a infant he used to eat makhan (butter), play the flute. He play with his friends and also steal butter.
1. Bal Roop of Lord Krishna with Flute

2. Bal Krishna with his mother

3. Cute Krishna with Makhan

4. Little Krishna with attractive eyes

5. Bal Krishna with flute

6. Bal Krishna (hd desktop wallpaper)

7. Bal Krishna on a peacock feather

8. Baby Krishna (background wallpaper)

9. Bal Krishna with cow & calf

10. Lord Krishna (Janmashtami)