10 Best & Beautiful Goddess Durga hd wallpapers/photos free download 2020

Are you looking for best and beautiful hd wallpapers/photos of goddess durga (maa durga) for your mobile and desktop? If yes, here you can see 10 best and beautiful hd photos of Goddess Durga. You can also share these beautiful images to your friends and family via social network.(free download)
Maa Durga is the goddess of the power and strength. Goddess Durga is the most important goddess of the Hindu. She has many names, many identities, and many facets. Goddess Durga is decipted in the Hindu sanctuary as a goddess riding on a lion or a tiger, with many arms carrying weapon in each. Goddess Durga is also identifies as Adi Parashakti, Devi, Shakti, Bhavani, Parvati and by other numerous names. Durga is one of the warrior goddess. She is the angry form of protective goddess mother who want to release her anger against wrong, violence. She is also a mother of gift and wealth as well as knowledge.
1. Goddess Durga (hd background wallpaper)

2.  Goddess Durga ( on her wahan (tiger))

3. Goddess Durga (Maa Vaishanavi roop)

4. Goddess Durga (her attractive eyes)

5. Goddess Durga (Nav Durga) 

6. Goddess Durga (Happy Durga Puja)

7. Goddess Durga (hd desktop wallpaper)

8. Goddess Durga (Jai Mata Di) 

9. Goddess Durga (Durga Puja Special) 

10. Goddess Durga blessing us