Lord Shani Dev Best and Beautiful with HD Wallpapers free download - 2020

If you want to set hd wallpapers or images of Lord Shani Dev on your android phones, iPhones and desktop or share to your friends and family. In this post, you can see 7 best hd wallpapers of Lord Shani Dev. (free download)
Lord Shani (Shani Dev) is one of the deity whose image consists of a admirable dark heavenly body carrying and sitting on a buffalo (or a crow or a vulture). Shani Dev is the son of Surya (Sun god) and Chaya (wife of Sun god).He is the brother of Lord Yama (god of death). He is one of the most popular divine body that the Hindu pray to beat off evil and remove obstacles. He was given the charge to reward or punish people for their good and bad deeds by Lord Shiva as Shani Dev was an ardent devotee of him. Shani Dev's name litrally means the slow-moving-one.
1. Lord Shani Dev (hd background wallpaper)

2. Lord Shani Dev with Mantra

3. Om Shani Dev

4. Jai Shani Dev blessing us

5. Jai Shani Shanecharai Namah

6. Jai Shani Dev with Aarti

7. Lord Shani Dev (wallpaper)